Industrial Production

produccion industrial materias prima de calidad prefaes

Raw Material

A first quality raw material  , whose mix and filter process is done  in our own silos allows us to obtain a perfect basis for the elaboration of an excellent product.

The quality of the material and the total supervision throughout the process enables us to obtain a product that meets the expectations of the customer more demanding.

produccion industrial fabricacion


The combination of the most innovative technology with a qualified workforce allows us to manufacture products of high quality in necessary deadlines.

Always in compliance with the parameters of quality and standards.


Quality control

All our  products are monitored several times by our Technical Department and specialized personnel.


Both raw materials, finished product, packing and loading of goods are personally supervised so that they meet all the parameters of quality and expectations that our customers expect

produccion industrial secado

Drying process

To ensure continuity in production and the perfect finish of our products, we use the system of traditional drying, wind and Sun

For this we have a location-oriented excellent geographic and more than 10.000 m2 for leverage to the maximum currents of air, combining with the most advanced artificial systems.

This combination of tradition and technology allows us to obtain the highest quality and meet the delivery deadline

prefaes produccion industrial empaquetado


To optimize the costs of transportation and avoid plow, we carry out a detailed study of cargo from the container and a personalized and intelligent packing space. Facilitating both loading and unloading, as well as avoiding breaks in destination.

produccion industrial escayolas distribucion

Logistic / Transport

We distribute our products with own fleet of vehicles in the Spanish territory. Always choose the best means of transport taking care of the quality retouching in international transport, optimizing the loads on volume of container. We have a team of professionals in logistics nationally and internationally, with broad experience in markets such as Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Our team  is always available and you will offer the best solution to your problem.