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Our requirement in the selection of the raw material and the control in the manufacture and the drying, make us be pioneers in the quality of the finish of the product.


Official distributors of Saint-Gobain Placo Ibérica, Isover, Adiform, Thu Perfil, Rockwool, Danosa, Semin, Celenit, Spit, …


In our craft production workshop we can create the most original models from an idea.


You will have a totally personalized attention so that you can develop any project that is presented. Ask us for all the materials you need and we will take care of your logistics.

Based in Cerdá, Valencia, Spain has a long background tradition manufacturing PLASTER ceiling tiles and other gypsum items. PREFAES combines the artisien tradition with the latest technology, always upfront innovation and inspiration design.

High level of requirment when selectiong raw materials, stric qualtiy control in all process, manufacturing and drying makes PREFAES pioneers in our field. A professional team, exporting 55% of the production to more than 35 countries. And an enviromental philosophy, we are comitted to helping to reduce the enviromental impact.

Economical commercial panels with a non directional visual, acoustical ceilings, optima fine fissured, ceiling to wall, vertical elements, moldings, cornices, ceiling roses, shelves, corbels, niches, arches columns, decorative fittings are some of the products that we manufacture.

At our specialist craft workshop we can develop any project you need, also customize a designed, trained personal to restore facades , manufacture an old model … are some of the multiple application of plaster either for ceiling walls, partitions or any other.