Industrial production


Raw Materials

The quality of the material and the total supervision throughout the process enables us to obtain a product that meets the expectations of the customer more demanding.


The combination of the most innovative technology with a qualified workforce allows us to manufacture products of high quality in necessary deadlines


Both the raw material and the finished product are supervised repeatedly by our Technical Director and specialized personnel throughout the manufacturing process.

From the reception of the material in the factory to the finishing, the loading of the goods until the reception by the client, the supervised company, all the necessary parameters to meet the demands of the most demanding markets and customers.


To guarantee the continuity in the production and the perfect finishing of our products, we use the traditional drying by wind and sun in the dryer of more than 10,000 m2, in stands oriented to take maximum advantage of the air currents, combined with the most advanced systems . artificial These two systems allow us to serve the orders within the agreed period.


To get the most out of the shipments, perform them in an “intelligent packaging” that optimizes the load and reduces the shipping costs while facilitating the professional work and economic format of the work.


We distribute our products, with our own fleet of vehicles in the Spanish territory, using the exclusive contract for international transport in the rest of the countries, being our main clients of the European Community, Malta, Cuba and the African continent.

This allows us to solve logistics problems and comply with service commitments in the foreseen times.